CNY 2019 Winners

Congratulations to our Lucky Winners of the Spin and Win Contest .

$500 Cash Prize - 20 Winners

S/No Name NRIC / Fin No.
1 Lim Quee Eng SXXXX153C
2 Lim Tian Loon SXXXX476E
3 Koh Ah Kiat SXXXX828I
4 Ong Kee Hoong SXXXX723I
5 Chung Siew Meng SXXXX125G
6 Barnabas Oh Kian Meng SXXXX892A
7 Ng Chuan Teik SXXXX415I
8 Quek Ser Song SXXXX284C
9 Caday Ferdinand Jamito GXXXX583K
10 Phua Thuan Keng SXXXX343J
11 Phua Tin Phat SXXXX569C
12 Tan Wei Shyan SXXXX884I
13 Min Guobin SXXXX6943
14 Tan Poh Ling SXXXX506H
15 Lim Thian Seng SXXXX202Z
16 Lim Thiam Poh SXXXX559E
17 Cheng Tai Wo Jimmy SXXXX974B
18 Tay Boon Teck SXXXX547A
19 Goh Eu-Jen SXXXX874I
20 Xu Bien SXXXX270B

$1000 Cash Prize - 30 Winners

S/No Name NRIC / Fin No.
1 Ow Yeong Leng SXXXX608A
2 Tan Kim Seng SXXXX651J
3 Jumail Liusman GXXXX988W
4 Goh Leng Choo SXXXX358G
5 Chua Kim Leng Peter SXXXX886B
6 Tan Kian Hong SXXXX837X
7 Cheong Thim Fook SXXXX847E
8 Lim Tiong Kon SXXXX150F
9 Zhang Yan Jin GXXXX020M
10 Kok Chun Hin SXXXX515N
11 Koh Chong Hwa SXXXX765E
12 Shieh Keng Lim SXXXX686E
13 Soh Jackie SXXXX401I
14 Han Kwee Fong SXXXX936G
15 Koo Keng Hean SXXXX025J
16 Tan Weiyi SXXXX435B
17 Wong Sin Thye SXXXX807E
18 Lim Beng Tiong SXXXX477D
19 Chan Kwee Soon SXXXX625D
20 Wong Chee Hoong SXXXX628J
21 Ang Chin Poh SXXXX644A
22 Quek Kwang Soon SXXXX396E
23 Nguyen Thi Lanh SXXXX203X
24 Tan Kok Tiong SXXXX437G
25 Subramaniam Dhorakanu GXXXX552N
26 Gan Kok Eng SXXXX614B
27 Lim Chor Yam SXXXX480B
28 Guo Ah Tee SXXXX800C
29 Lee Beng Leong GXXXX177T
30 Unclaimed Donated to Approved Charity

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